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Scholarship Application

For The Next School Year - Application Deadline: June 1, 2024


Applications for St. David's Society scholarships can be accessed through the Internet. All St. David's Society members are encouraged to tell their children and grandchildren about this unique opportunity to apply for scholarship funds. These scholarships are awarded only to St. David's Society of Utica members and their immediate family.

Click on "About Us" and scroll to Scholarship Fund Grants section for a summary of the scholarship program. Click on "scholarship page" which will take you to all the information needed to complete the application. Included is eligibility for a scholarship, a description of award criterion for selection, and instructions on how to complete and submit the required paperwork.

You should then click on "Scholarship Application", download and fill out the application form (a Microsoft Word document). After filling in all the blanks, this form should be printed. The application must then be sent via U.S Mail with the three required attachments: your transcript, your test scores, and your essay. You will also need to print a copy of the "Applicant Appraisal Form" and give this to your guidance counselor, advisor, instructor, or supervisor. The person that you choose to complete this form will send it via U.S Mail directly to the scholarship committee. Please note that the application process does not currently allow for electronic transmission of application materials. Applicants are asked to send all materials by U.S. Mail.

All of the application forms and attachments are to be sent to the committee chairperson, Mr. Leonard Pugh, 122 Cider Street, Oriskany, NY 13424. If there are any questions about the procedures for applying for a scholarship, feel free to contact Mr. Pugh by e-Mail at lendolores@roadrunner.com or by telephone at (315) 736-4443.


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